Explore Native Art, Music, Culture & History!

Andersontown Powwow September 7-8, 2024

The Andersontown Powwow is two days of family fun, showcasing Native American culture through dance, music, storytelling, authentic crafts and Indian Market shopping.   Immerse yourself in the traditions of and culture of Native Tribes with and tomahawk throws, pioneer games, and more! Feast on buffalo burgers, fry bread and Indian tacos!







What We Are All About


Keeping the next generation educated about the impact, traditions, and way of life of our Native American ancestors. 

Intertribal Gathering

Bringing together tribes from across the Greater Midwest to share ideas, culture, and fellowship. 

Art, Dance, Culture

Immerse yourself in the culture of Native American tribes with an intertribal dance, a Native craft market, historical demonstrations and more.