Open and Exhibition Dancing Featured at
the Andersontown Powwow

Grand Entries: Saturday 1PM & 7PM Sunday 1PM
Dancing: Saturday, 1:30PM, 7:30pm & Sunday, 1:30PM*

The Andersontown Powwow showcases open and exhibition dancing in the arena. The Powwow is an intertribal celebration and welcomes all dancers. Visitors can enjoy the beat of the Native American drums and learn native dances like the round, bean, two-step, and more. Plus, learn about customs, clothing and traditions of many different tribes. Event goers are invited to dance in the arena. Intertribal dancing will follow immediately the grand entries.



Powwow Head Staff


  • Head Man: Ryan Worden, Knoxville, TN
  • Head Lady: Anna Cornelison, Collingsworth, IL
  • Emcee: Gabriel Ayala, Yaqui, Tucson AZ
  • Arena Director: Gabriel Cleveland, Hochunk, Chicago, IL
  • Southern Drums: 
    • Strong Heart: Mel Hoefling, Head Singer
    • Iron Bear Singers: Sterling Big Bear, Head Singer
  • Northern Drums: 
    • Kingfishers Bill Huey, Head Singer